DECEMBER 27, 2014 - JANUARY 4, 2015

Everybody knows it from the television, Internet, reports or books. Angkor Wat is the largest and most famous temple in the Angkor region in Cambodia. It was the center of the Khmer, whose empire lasted from the 9th to the 15th century.

At 5am my dad and me went by bicycle towards the Angkor area, thousands of tuk-tuks passed us, taking countless tourists to the spectacle. We didn’t want to miss the sunrise and kicked in the pedals to secure one of the last viewpoints.

Visitors stoped every few feet on their way to the entrance to take photos and thousands of selfies, it was really crazy, how many people discovered Angkor trough their square of camera, in my opinion they missed the most important thing: the moment. This magical aura of Angkor Wat, this moment to stand in front of such an old and impressive building, to touch the ancient stones and not being able to believe that you are there, at one of the most precious monuments in the world.
Even if you have finally managed the way to the temple, neither the clicking of cameras nor the tones of tour guides stop. In all languages ​​they explain the crowds the fascinating history of the building.

I was all too much for me.

Sure, we also took a lot of photos, but in between I had to hold myself back from the camera and enjoy the moment. Here are some photos that my dad made while I was walking around and exploring the temples.


borrow bicycles (instead of Tuk Tuk)
experience Angkor during sunrise or sunset
Angkor Thom
Bayon temple (temple with faces)

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