JULY 4, 2014 - today


I’ve got dreads since Summerjam 2014. I made them at the campsite but also during concerts. Because there were so many people running around with dreadlocks I decided to ask them for help : “Heyyy, like to help me with my dreads?”. They all said yes immediately and so I joined the peoples camp and we gradually made my Rastas. I fell in love with Dreadheads before, whenever I saw people with locks in the city or on the street I thought: YOU NEED TO HAVE DREADS TOO! So I decided, more or less spontaneously, to make them during Summerjam. Overall, it has definitely taken 20 hours until they were finished. My front hair are still normal, I weave them but I can also carry them open. Overall, I’ve got 36 dreads. Here is a small gallery with some ‘private’ photos I found on my phone. LOVE


Dreadlocked hair needs to be washed regularly just like un-dreaded hair. I wash them once a week with curd soap (the dreads don’t get oily. You only get oily hair because of the silicones in the shampoo. When you wash them with clean water and soap this doesn’t happen).
Tip !!! for people with thin and straight hair who would love to have more volume: try it and wash your hair with curd soap (dm, about 1 €) Your hair will not be so flat any more ;-) I gave my dreads a peeling a few weeks ago, somebody knows about silica? I mixed this powder with a little water, spread it in my hair and washed them again. My dreads have become even tighter (less loose hair coming out of the dreads). If you would like to know more about dreadlocks, let me know in the comments and I’ll post a video about it!

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